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The Simplified Office: FREE Resources

Welcome to my little coffee corner of the internet! 

You wouldn't go to a cafe' if they only offered one size fits all coffee, right? 

Of course not! You want to personalize every single cup you order! 

Why should your productivity and organization support be any different?

Resources for Coaches, Virtual Assistants, & Thought Leaders to help you increase productivity in your business to earn more money.

  • Undated Planner Printables
  • Monthly Reflections Worksheets
  • The Ultimate Checklist to Start Organizing your Office Space
  • Evernote Video Training for Beginners

Please take a seat, get comfy, and explore the possibilities.

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Clutter to Calm: DIY Office Decluttering Course 101 + Coaching Combo!

As a service-based Solopreneur, you're used to DIYing everything, but sometimes you need that extra accountability, direction, and personalization without the full cost of a Coach.

Ready to go from clutter to calm in your office space, but not sure where or how to start?

That's why I've created this DIY + mini Coaching Combo course for you to have the best of both worlds! Have the control of DIY with some support from Coaching. I'll be there to get you started, when you're stuck, and for next steps.

Whether you want to binge this course over a weekend or up to 3 months, this course is set up to go at your speed. By the time you finish this course, you'll be ready to set up storage & filing systems and organize your office

I specifically created this course if you're not naturally organized, so go at your own pace, even with just 5 minutes a day. Easy right? You've got this! 



  • Workbook & checklists
  • Private Community for accountability and support
  • 3 mini Coaching sessions to get started and keep you on track
  • BONUS 1: Videos to unlock after going through 5 lessons
  • BONUS 2: A calendar as a guide to accomplish this course within 1 month (use this as a guide to create your own schedule). Simply adjust it to your own schedule!


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