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Welcome to my little coffee corner of the internet! Please take a seat, get comfy, and explore the possibilities. 

Resources for service-based Small Business Owners & Creatives to help you increase productivity in your business to earn more money.

  • Undated Planner Printables
  • Monthly Reflections Worksheets
  • The Ultimate Checklist to Start Organizing your Office Space
  • Evernote Video Training for Beginners
  • How to set Better goals (featuring guest experts)
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Are you a service-based Solopreneur ready to go from overwhelm and burnout to feeling relief and empowered through time management, restructuring your systems and processes and get organized? 

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The Ultimate Checklist to Organize your Home Office Space

1 Lessons

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Feel anxious and can't focus while you work? 

Can't seem to find that important paper when you need it?

This is your ultimate checklist to finally start and organize your office space step-by-step. Whether you have a home office with a door, a desk in the corner of the room, a desk at a co-working space, or a rented office, this checklist for you!

Undated Planner

2 Lessons

How to do to set better goals

3 Lessons

By the end of this video interview series, you'll know how to utilize Mindset, Journaling, and Energy Levels for better Goal Setting in your service-based Business.

Workbook: Monthly Reflections for Better Goal Setting

1 Lessons

This Workbook will take you through prompts that help you reflect on the previous month and making decisions, so you have set better goals and stay aligned when planning for the new month. Print these out each month, then use the worksheets to reflect quarterly and yearly as well. 

Happy Goal Setting! 

Video Workshop: Evernote Training for Beginners

1 Lessons

Whether you're new to Evernote or your Evernote is a hot mess, this video is for you!

In this video, I'll give you an overview of Evernote, it's structure and How to create daily tasks to increase Productivity and get more done in your business.

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